Domestic cosmetics for every day use.

Your face is so well cared for, that you have no need for hiding it with powder. Hydrated and soft to the touch, it makes you look significantly younger.

At one point you noticed that your face is not as youthful and glowing as it once was, even though you tried to take care of it. You’re noticing the tiredness, looser contours and the formation of wrinkles. Whether it’s due to stress, genetics, polluted air or tap water, with which we all wash our face and let harmful ions absorb into it, is less important. All you’re looking for is that feeling and look of vitality instead of the tiredness seen with every blink.

Exceptional, high quality cosmetics are the logical answer, however they are often expensive. Usually in small packaging, it seems to be more like an elixir instead of let’s say, a daily cream or ointment. For the full benefits, one needs to purchase the whole cosmetic line consisting of 15 products, which is not only expensive, but complicated too.

On top of all of this, some of these products contain parabens, which are proven to be connected to dermatitis and serious illnesses. Some contain corticosteroids which temporarily solve the problem, but in the long run make the skin thinner and simply become less effective over time.

Through their careers spanning multiple decades, dr Miodrag Colić and dr. Milan Colić noticed these issues which women are facing, and decided to provide a solution which not only stops or delays the need for aesthetic interventions, but in fact gives skin its youthful glow and elasticity back. A high criterium was placed on a team consisting of dermatologists, technologists and pharmacists: there’s no holding back on original, clinically proven and high quality ingredients! This is how our cosmetic line was created - totally suited for the skin type of people from our region, approved by the Institute of Physical Chemistry.

Colić Cosmetics has been a daily partner to women from Serbia and the surrounding region for 10 years now - and there have yet to be any returns or refunds for our products. The development of this ‘affordable luxury’ is also an investment into our country, as by buying domestic products we invest in a shared benefit - and we have the guarantee of quality and ingredients by the personal credibility of Miodrag and Milan Colić themselves.

dr. Milan Colicdr. Milan Colic

A General Surgery Specialist, Director of the special hospital "Dr Colic", for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Milan was the president of the Serbian Association for the Study of Obesity.

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